Backpacking and hot climates go together like people without a lot of money and … destinations that are inexpensive to visit. Look, I’m not great at writing analogies, but I AM great at researching travel gear and field testing it. After a year-long backpacking trip and plenty of adventures in various hot, humid places, we’ve learned two things: 

one, our hair NEVER looks good in the jungle; and two, there are several essential pieces of travel gear that help you enjoy your awesome trip instead of spending the whole time trying to figure out how to get sand un-stuck from your sweaty legs (spoiler alert: it’s impossible).

In this post, we’re not going to tell you how many t-shirts or pairs of underwear to pack; we trust you to figure that out for yourself. But we are going to tell you EXACTLY what items have proven themselves to be indispensable, whether you’re hostel-hopping in South or Central America or island hopping in Southeast Asia.  

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