I know what you’re asking yourself: why should I follow the advice of someone who’s currently living out of a backpack? That’s like, THE least glamorous thing ever. Well, that’s fair. I’ve certainly had more glamorous periods in my life than this one. But through years of regular weekend traveling, I’ve been able to make my makeup and beauty routine work for me even while cramming all of my supplies into a single 50L backpack!

In college, I did freelance work as a makeup artist. I even had cute little business cards (*cough*NERD*cough*)! I’ve since gotten rid of my luggage-sized makeup stash. But from my brief stint as a beauty professional, I’ve developed a deep knowledge of makeup and beauty skills: everything from what each ingredient  used in the beauty industry actually does (I have a textbook, of course… because nerd), to the chemical and physical properties of hair and skin (oh my god, I’m such a nerd).

What this means, other than that I’ve managed to turn something glamorous into a full on dweebfest,  is that I spent an awful lot of time researching and testing each travel makeup and beauty product I brought with me on my 8-month long backpacking trip. After months of field research backpacking through South America and Europe, I feel confident in my selections and recommendations. And so, I have created the ultimate guide to makeup and beauty while travelling!

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