The Best Hidden Beaches in Italy

In a country where beach chairs are often crammed as tightly as on a ship's deck, we found ten under-the-radar beaches and coves with crumbling castles, sunken statues—and almost never any crowds.

Riserva Vendicari, Sicily

Right near the beautiful and underrated city of Siracusa (the closest airport is Catania, where you'll want to stop by the legendary fish market), this miles-long, wildly gorgeous national park is home to tumble-down towers, little coves, and few bathers. After an excursion to its beaches, don’t miss the tiny but picture-perfect Marzamemi nearby, with its views over the sea, and pretty piazza-side restaurants.

Parco Naturale di Maremma, Tuscany

Once the stomping grounds for Tuscan nobility, this national park now hosts hikers, beachcombers, and more than a few cinghiale, or wild boar. With an emphasis on conservation, and only a limited number of visitors allowed in each day, this remains one of the coast’s true oases, with sculptural tree trunks on the sand perfect for creating a towel lean-to, and swaths of beach all to yourself.

La Pelosa, Sardinia

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